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We're paving the way for a new era where work is purpose-driven, cultures are vibrant, and individuals thrive.

Join us in shaping the future of work, where every individual's voice is heard, and the impact is far beyond the bottom line.


Where traditional engagement platforms reach their limits, we begin.

Discover your organization’s heart – Measure culture, skills, and feelings, then let our science-back AI guide you to measurable improvements.


We envision a new narrative for work, where leaders serve rather than dictate, where employee voices aren't just heard but amplified, and where change isn't top-down, but wells up from the grassroots.

We're passionate believers in the power of learning - not just as an afterthought, but as an integral, personalized part of every job.

beyond people-analytics

AI-powered, science-backed and human-first.

We start where traditional engagement platforms end. Insight effortlessly measures the most important cultural factors, people-skills, and real-time sentiments using a bottom-up approach.

Our science-backed AI doesn’t just analyze – it turns insights into hyper-personalized action plans to enhance culture and individual skills.”

Our solution.

Integrating people & culture

Current solutions in the market tend to specialize in measuring either culture or people skills development separately. However, people and culture are inseparable, and our platform integrates both into a holistic approach.

bottom-up and actionable

Our primary goal is to empower individuals and ensure that we don’t simply become another enterprise software tool. We believe that the use of such a solution should be perceived as valuable by the users.

That’s why we take a bottom-up approach, where everyone’s feedback is used to create actual action plans. This way, every user not only feels that their voice matters, but also actively drives change. No more feedback just for fancy charts in presentations, but tangible results that make a real impact on people and culture.

The future of learning, in the flow of work

Although some organizations may have data about their culture and employee strengths, the challenge lies in effectively leveraging it. That’s where we come in – our learning system is hyper-personalized to your unique skills and organisational culture. You’ll receive exactly what you need, when you need it, in order to thrive as a whole-person.

ARe you a pioneer in the future of work?.

Are you a visionary leader who wants to shape the future of work? We are looking for launching customers who want to partner with us on this exciting journey.

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We’re seeking human-first organizations to collaborate with in building our solution. In order to truly make positive impact, we want to keep on learning and listen to our users.

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